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Databases of Research Centres (either independent or authonomous from the scientific point of view, i.e. labs from universities and even institutes):
Centre questionnaire
; Search questionnaire.

International projects:
International projects questionnaire; Search questionnaire.

Specialists -
the registered users of specialists databases can access all other databases to search for data:
Specialists questionnaire; Search questionnaire.


Networks questionnaire; Search questionnaire.

Databases for partner matching and expressions of interest calls in FP6
By completing the questionnaires, you have access to an inventory which allows a search related to your interest in thematic research fields, as defined by priorities of PC 6.
Database - Call IST - 4 in FP 6

Database dedicated to the Call IST-4:
FP6-2004-IST-4 (November 2004) in FP 6.
Entry questionnaire; Search questionnaire.

Matching databases for all topics from the present call in NMP/PC6 (priority 3)
- FP6-2004-NMP-NI4 (December 2004) Entry questionnaire. Search questionnaire.
- FP6-2004-NMP-TI4 (December 2004) Entry questionnaire. Search questionnaire.

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