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MINAEAST-NET e-Newsletter
No. 1/ Weeks 1- 4 /2005
Edited with the support of EU project MINAEAST-NET
Contract no: 510470 (2004- 2006)


Headlines of this issue:

- European networking in micro-nanosystems
- Extending activities in micro-nanosystems in Eastern Europe
- Electronic brokerage for the present call in the 6th Framework Programme

Important note for readers: This electronic publication is sent as an e-mail, but has to be consulted on-line (when connected to Internet) in order to access all the information (the text sent is usually just a summary, to keep the volume of the message at minimum). Direct links to original sources of information (web pages, databases etc.) are also provided.
  1. Networking in micro- and nanotechnologies is promoted with the support of the European project MINAEAST-NET ( MIcro and NAnotechnologies are going EAST through NETworking). The main target is networking at the national scale in Eastern Europe as well as establishing contacts in the field of micro- and nanotechnologies at the European scale. The project webpage is presenting the project, as well as the consortium of contractors which contains organizations all over Europe. The MINAEAST-NET electronic publication is disseminating information about activities in the field, whereas they are supported or not by this project.

  2. Micro- and nanosystem activities in Europe discussed in Prague ( Czech Republic ), on 10-13 of January, 2005. The most important European networks in micro- and nanosystems organized successive meetings in Prague: EUROPRACTICE (10-12 of January) and NEXUS (12-13 of January). The EUROPRACTICE system is providing services in microsystem engineering (for details on this initiative (, whereas NEXUS is the most important network in the field ( The main subjects have been related to the future of EUROPRACTICE in the context of the current call for proposals in the 6 th Framework Programme (FP6) of the European Union, as well as to integration of new partners from Eastern Europe in both NEXUS and EUROPRACTICE (see the above web pages for details on the events, including information about the new actors in the field from Eastern Europe). The European Commission has been represented by Dirk Beernaert (Head of Unit), Leonello Dori ( Project Officer BRIDGE, supporting EUROPRACTICE), Marcel Hugen (Project Officer NEXUSPLUS, supporting NEXUS activities).  A perspective on the last calls in the field from FP6/IST was given.

  3. Electronic brokerage supporting the on-going call on micro- nanosystems (IST 4 in FP6). Following the meeting in Prague, the MINAEAST-NET project is recommending the databases for partner matching, strictly related to the above call (topics on micro-nanosystems, but also on nanoelectronics). These dabases can be easily completed and they are freely accessed by any qualified individual. You have also access to matching databases for all topics from the present call in NMP/PC6 (priority 3), and the databases can be accessed here( FP6-2004-NMP-NI4, FP6-2004-NMP-TI4 ).

  4. Publications
    The MINAEAST-NET is promoting publication in the “Micro and Nanotechnologies Bulletin” (four issues a year, edited by IMT-Bucharest) of information related to institutions from Eastern Europe which are active in Micro and NanoTechnologies (MNT), as well as MNT related events, initiatives, R&D national programmes, scientific networks etc. This publication is distributed free of charge to qualified individuals and institutions working in the MNT field (contact Previous issues are available on web: Contributions related to activities from Eastern Europe or devoted to cooperation with Eastern Europe should be sent to (no charge for publication).
    Examples: Pages containing the description of two MINAEAST-NET partners:
    - Institute of Physical Electronics of Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania) – IPE
    - Sabanci University (Turkey ) - Microelectronics Program

  5. Events:
  • Following the success of the two preceding Nanobiotechnology meetings held in Paris and Grenoble, the Committee Adebiotech, with the local collaboration of the University of Nice - Sophia Antipolis, in particular the professors Michel Lazdunski and Pascal Barbry (IPMC), and also in collaboration with Dr. Bernard Schoot (GALDERMA R&D), organizes a Third International Symposium at the Acropolis in Nice from March 30th to April 01st 2005. Details.

  • eChallenges 2005—Launching Technological Initiatives through ICT Co-operation,
    Ljubljana, Slovenia, 19th – 21st October, 2005
    The e-2005 eChallenges Conference takes place in the beautiful city of Ljubljana. This is the fifteenth in a series of Annual Conferences supported by the European Commission, which regularly attracts over 500 delegates from commercial, government & research organisations around the world to share knowledge, experience, lessons learnt and good practice.