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MINAEAST-NET e-Newsletter
No. 2/ Weeks 5- 7 /2005
Edited with the support of EU project MINAEAST-NET
Contract no: 510470 (2004- 2006)



1. Renzo Tomellini presents the EU Policy and Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies. During a “Info-day event” taking place in Bucharest, on 17 th January, 2005 (details here) Dr. Renzo Tomellini, Head of the Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies Unit, European Commission, Research DG presented “ Priority 3 – NMP in FP6”. We are stressing here some aspects related to nanoscience and nanotechnology.

Mr. Tomellini explained that Europe enjoys a strong position in terms of producing knowledge in nanotechnology (e.g. publications). However, Europe is weaker in transforming this knowledge into products and services (e.g. patents, start-ups) and also has a lower level of private R&D funding from industry in comparison to e.g. the USA and Japan (full presentation is available here).

Other major points have been:

  • Is there a European Strategy for Nanotechnology? (see here for details)
  • FP6 from 2004 to 2005. What does priority 3 NMP cover? What is new related to nanotechnologies? (see here for details).

2. MINAEAST-NET is offering you grants for traveling to meetings (for training or proposal preparation) and other facilities. You can apply for benefiting from the MINAEAST EU project for:

• Travel grants;
• Dissemination by various means (electronic, printed), free of charge
• Electronic facilities for networking and proposal preparation
• Databases for proposal preparation

To receive complete information, please take a minute to complete the questionnaire (accessible here ) and return it to

3. NANOPOLIS- "Exploring Nanotechnology"

NANOPOLIS is inviting you to participate to the upcoming "Exploring Nanotechnology" in the Nanopolis encyclopedias and Virtual Show. The "Exploring Nanotechnology" encyclopedia is the result of the cooperation of over 200 research groups worldwide. It explains topics of interest in nanotechnology in a widely accessible manner. To each topic it associates summary charts representing the main classes of industrial and research players and their interdependence. It also includes presentations of companies active in the field (e.g. instrument manufacturers, nanomaterials users, IP lawyers etc.).“

*Nanopolis™ ( is a virtual space mirroring the evolution of nanotech research and integrating it with education and industry. The scientific content of Nanopolis™ is "gathered" in real-time due to a close partnership with the scientific community.

4. Various events

a. NSTI - CEI Nanotechnology Course Series,21-24 March 2005, Davos, Switzerland. Registration form on the website: (NEXUS-MEMS)

b. Advanced Nanotechnology - Materials, Processes, Structures and Applications, 4th - 8th April 2005, NMRC, Cork, Ireland. For details on how to register for this Vision on-line Training Week please email: Julie Armstrong-Tait (NEXUS-MEMS)

c. Sabanci University, Faculty of Engineering & Natural Sciences, Microelectronics Engineering Program. TURKEY, organized a national optics, fotonics, electro-optics workshop with a specific focus on Micro and Nano technologies on December 10, 2004. This has turned into a one of the biggest Scientific events in Turkey with more than 200 people already registered and about 50 scientific oral and poster presentations. The MINAEAST-NET Project was promoted during this one-day event throug a leaflet sent by coordinator. Coming soon: Info day for micro-nano technologies organised by Sabanci University, Faculty of Engineering & Natural Sciences, Microelectronics Engineering Program, TURKEY; Contact person: Prof. Yasar GURBUZ