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MINAEAST-NET e-Newsletter
No. 8/ Weeks 30-36 /2005
Edited with the support of EU project MINAEAST-NET
Contract no: 510470 (2004- 2006)
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1. IMT Bucharest invites you to the 28th edition of the International Semiconductor Conference (CAS 2005), and also at the satellite events that precedes the conferences. All the events take place in Sinaia, Romania, between 28th of September and 4th of October

:: AMICOM Summer School, 28th September - 1st October, 2005: The Network of Excellence AMICOM- “Advanced MEMS for RF and Millimeter Wave Communications’ - will organize the second Summer School. The first day is dedicated to “Introduction in RF, for those from a processing background” and the second day to “Introduction to Processing, for those from an RF background”. The rest of the lectures will be focused on “RF MEMS” and “Vision for the future”. Specialists from outside the NoE AMICOM are welcome.

Contact: Cristina Buiculescu (e-mail:;;

:: 4M WORKSHOP in Romania, 30th of September 2005: One day scientific workshop under the frame of 4M Network of Excellence (Multi Material Micro Manufacture: Technology and Applications), is organized for diffusing and exploitation of the research results and for promoting a better response of the research activities to the socio - economic needs in Eastern Countries.
The workshop will provide the opportunity to debate the scientific and technological development in the field of materials and micro, nanotechnology, as well as a forums for the exchange and dissemination of information between universities, research centres, SMEs (from MS, NMS and ACC), and the opportunities to initiate new RTD projects

Contact: Carmen Moldovan (e-mail:

:: CAS 2005 - International Semiconductor Conference, 2nd October – 4th October: The Conference is organized under the aegis of the IEEE-Electron Devices Society, Ministry for Education and Research, Romanian Academy, IEEE-Romania Section and Electron Devices Chapter and will take place in the mountain resort Sinaia, Romania
Oral and poster sessions are dedicated to Nanoscience and Nanoengineering; Microphotonics; Microwave and RF MEMS; Microstructures for bio & medical applications; MEMS & Microsensors; Physics of Materials; Devices: Modeling and Technology; Low Power Integrated Circuit; A Century of Silicon Carbide (SiC). 100 regular and 6 invited papers will be presented.

Contact: Cristina Buiculescu (e-mail:;

2. Healthy Aims - Implantable micro-sensors and micro-systems for ambulatory measurement and control in medical products; IST-2002-1-001837, IP.
Open Call 3 - closes September 15th (see below)
Call for Subcontract: Roadmap for Implanted Medical Devices;
Call Open July 27th 2005
Tenders to be submitted by 15th September 2005
Email Tender to: Mr Rob Turner Healthy Aims Knowledge Management Workpackage Leader; Website:

3. 4M Workshop Microdosing Systems, Application on drug delivery, 5 October 2005, Fraunhofer IZM Munich, Germany
The one-day workshop at the Fraunhofer IZM is relevant for engineers, scientists as well as entrepreneurs who already utilise micro dosing systems or plan to use them in the future and to acquire or deepen relevant knowledge in that field. This workshop is organised by 4M and gives an overview of the field of drug delivery systems.
Contact: Martin Richter, Fraunhofer IZM, Germany, E-mail:

4. International Congress of Nanotechnology 2005
October 31 to November 4, 2005, San Francisco, USA (

5. Training in Micro- and Nanotechnology - Fabrication, Applications and Surrounding Techniques; FSRM Swiss Foundation for Research in Microtehnology, September - December 2005
Information / Registration :; With financial support from Swiss State Secretariat for Education and Research SER

6. NSTI Fall Nanotechnology Course Series and Nano Impact Workshop -
October 17-19, 2005 - Washington DC
NSTI Nano Impact Summit
, October 19, 2005


1. Workshop on “Design for Micro & Nano Manufacture” in conjunction with DTIP, 30-31 May 2005, Montreux, Switzerland; Presentations are available at

2. 3rd NEXUS IP & NOE Meeting, 4-5 July 2005, Budapest, Sean Neylon, NEXUS Chairman & Rob Turner, NEXUS Operations Manager

From Agenda:
:: IP & NOE presentations:
- MIMOSA - Danielle Thomas (ST);
- PATENT Dffm - Andrew Richardson (U.Lancaster);
-AMICOM - Fabio Coccetti (LAAS);
-GOODFOOD - Luis Fonseca (CNM);
- HEALTHY AIMS - Diana Hodgins (ETB)

:: EC Presentations:
- The Future Europractice - Marcel Hugen (EC);
- The first view of FP7 - Marcel Hugen (EC)

:: EURIMUS: Case Study – POWERSMART - Andrey Zeini (EADS);
:: East/West initiative:
MINATUSE - Uwe Kleinkes (IVAM);
Analyticon - David Dungate
:: Eastern and SME presentations:
- Experiences of East/West industrial an EC funded collaborations -Research Inst for Technical Physics and Materials - Prof Istvan Barsony;
- Technical University of Sofia - Assoc Prof Dr Mariana Evstatieva Garanova;
- Central Mecatronics Laboratory - Msr. Rumyana Krasteva;
- POLYMICRO and Arteos GmbH - Guido Tschulena;
- ARC seibersdorf - Ana Almansa; MEDBRYT - Michal Taff;
- IMT-Bucharest (MINAEAST) - Carmen Moldovan;
- Present status of Pb-free soldering at SME’s in Eastern Europe Prof - Zsolt Illyefalvi-Vitez;
- III Dept of Surgery - Michal Nowakowski; ROMES SA - Dr Ulieru Dumitru;
- INFLPR - Dr Cristian Lungu; URANIUS SRL - Titel Alexa;
- MicReD/BUTE - Dept of Electron Devices - Dr Andras Poppe;