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MINAEAST EU project can offer facilities for NMS/ACC researchers and academic or industrial organisations. Are you interested?

For requesting atravel grant for attending info events and brokerage events, as well as for short visits targeting a specific cooperation in the future FP7, please fill in this document and send it signed and stamped by fax at: +4 021 490 8238.
If the request is eligible, the project Board will approve the grant request and you will receive the confirmation. After the event, the travel costs (transportation, accommodation, living expenses) will be reimbursed according to an invoice issued by your organization together with the justifying travel documents.

Other facilities! (like support for preparing an info-day / brokerage event or project proposal, dissemination of information, facilities for networking in MNT in your own country)  
Please download this questionnaire on your computer and send the completed questionnaire to or complete the online questionnaire.


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