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Project Objectives

The main objective of the MINAEAST-NET project is networking on micro and nanotechnologies, according to the priority thematic areas 2 (IST) and 3 (NMP) from FP 6. MINAEAST-NET could be a key for the future information technology society and production technology as part of these priority thematic areas.

MINAEAST-NET is intended to be a tool for achieving a better integration of eight ACCs (Romania, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Turkey), in projects for FP6 on Micro and Nano Technologies. 

MINAEAST-NET is focused on the following objectives, grouped on two main actions, referring to: networking & dissemination and proposal preparation, respectively.

MINAEAST-NET will be established as the premier source of information about resources and results in MNT from ACCs and about the strong points of the ACC organisations.

Organisations and companies from MS (and world-wide) that are looking for partners in MNT for any kind of projects, should address their needs to MINAEAST-NET and MINAEAST-
NET will definitely find the best partner suited for them. This activity is mainly addressed to FP 6 projects, but also to any other kind of cooperation in research or commercial activities.

For all MNT interested organisations from ACC, MINAEAST-NET will be the main source of MNT specific project and partnership information: MNT related information about EC calls, international networking activities, partnership search from abroad.

MINAEAST-NET will support interaction between ACC and MS organisations to initiate FP6 proposals through organising meetings, workshops and support travel cost.

MINAEAST-NET will also be the little helper with any questions concerning proposal set-up and regulations for ACC organisations all that especially for MNT. For any general questions from ACC, MINAEAST-NET will have the contacts to get them answered within other NCPs or support organisations that already exist.

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