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East/West Partnering Workshop within the MINAEAST.NET Initiative
TU Berlin/FhG-IZM, Berlin, Germany, 22 Apr 2005 still open for presenters

Tentative agenda; Registration Form

The aim of the network MINAEAST-NET ( is to prepare the participation of organizations from associated candidate countries (ACCs) for projects in FP6 in the area of Micro and Nano Technologies (MNT). The main objective is networking on micro and nanotechnologies, according to priority thematic areas 2 (IST) and 3 (NMP) from FP 6. The project is coordinated by IMT Bucharest.

The aim of this workshop is to help organizations from East European countries in participating in EC FP6 projects. In addition to presentations from existing projects (who might look for further partners), Eastern organizations will present their expertise for FP6/FP7 projects. In the afternoon, a lab tour through TUB/IZM facilities will be organized.

Venue: Fraunhofer IZM Berlin - TU Berlin FsP Microperipherics, Gustav-Meyer Allee 25, D-13355 Berlin, Germany

Date: 22.4.05 from 9:00 - 15:00
Fee/Travel: Participation will be free of charge.

Researchers from Eastern Europe may request a travel grant for project preparation meetings in Western Europe (including meetings like this workshop). They have to register first in the databases and complete the template (request for a grant), to be found on


Karl-F. Becker , TU Berlin/FhG-IZM, Berlin, Germany Patric Salomon, 4M2C PATRIC SALOMON GmbH, Berlin, E-Mail: Germany, E-mail:

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